Session 1

201 WZ

History of Personal Armor in Warfare: Middle Ages to Present

Luke Metzger, Indiana University East

Personal armor has found its place, however large or small, in virtually every war in human history. It has developed significantly over the years, and this presentation will discuss the evolution of personal armor throughout the ages. 

My Dad as a Soldier in the Afghan War

Courtney Osborne, Indiana University East

This presentation discusses information I gleaned from my father about what the war was like and how he’s faring now.

Iraqi Identity Crisis

Ryan Byrd, Indiana University East

This paper details the Iraqi government’s struggle to maintain themselves in the brutal climate of the 21st century, including geopolitical and terrorist factors that have affected the country’s autonomy and stability.

202 WZ

How Aware are You, Mount Union?

Brianna Whittaker, University of Mount Union

Is racial inequality apparent at a small, liberal arts university? Through a service-learning project, we found that students hold views that racially oppress blacks on campus contradicting the notion that we live in a post-racial society. This presentation will describe ways students have tried to curb stereotyped thinking.

Race from a Biological Perspective

Jenilee Braun, Indiana University East

This presentation explores the controversial topic of race from a biological perspective. As a powerful social tool, the idea of race has led to many stereotypes and inequalities. However, this research explores the concept of race and attempts to falsify previously believed notions on the subject. Race is explored using ideas from genetics, bioanthropolgy, and other sciences. Race has no biologic basis.

WVSU Relay for Life – “Let’s Change the World”

Shealyn Shafer, West Virginia State University

As world changer’s, the WVSU Honors Program students are dedicating their time and efforts to help raise $20,00 for the American Cancer Society by hosting a Relay for Life event. The presentation will include information regarding the planning and execution of our year-long service project.

209 WZ

Think Like a Woman, Act in Place of a Man: Feminism in O Pioneers!

Marisa Vanzant, Indiana Univeristy East

The oppression of women by a patriarchal society is a common theme throughout many forms of literature, but especially American literature. The struggle for the rights of women as well as gender equality in general, is at the heart of the concept of feminism.

Children’s Literature of WWI

Katelyn Groff, Indiana University East

This presentation discusses the importance behind children’s literature during World War I and covers the different manifestations and availability of children’s literature during this time period.

Green Eggs and Ham: A Caweltian Analysis of the Children’s Classic as Seen through the Prism of Espionage Fiction

Stephen Nichols, Indiana University Kokomo

This presentation argues that Green Eggs and Ham belongs to the espionage genre as defined by John G. Cawelti, a leading authority on defining genres. I then suggest that either Seuss was trying to covertly appeal to adults to read to children or, perhaps, Cawelti should revisit his definitions.

212 WZ

Moving Words: Visual Novels as a Natural Evolution of Narrative

Matt Wagenheim, Grand Valley State University

This presentation will make the argument that visual novels-gamified digital novels-are an invaluable, yet currently untapped, asset in the examination, exploration, and explanation of narrative in literature.

Worship/Power: A Conversation on Rhetoric, Women and Creative Process

Klaire Smith, University of Rio Grande

Klaire Smith, visual artist, will be speaking about her personal creative process and current body of work. Her most recent work focuses on the both the positive and negative rhetoric revolving around the contemporary Christian Culture and what rhetoric says about women in American today.

Girls’ Power: Girls’ Education as a Tool for Development in Afghanistan

Emily McDonnell, Kent State University

This thesis provides an examination of the relationship between girls and education in Afghanistan, a nation with among the lowest women’s literacy rates in the world. Furthermore, the thesis seeks to assess the education of girls as a tool for development, specifically economically, both at the individual and state levels.

213 WZ

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Elite Athletes: Analyzing Arrest and Conviction Rates

Nicole Repetto, Eastern Michigan University

Professional and college athletes are frequently in the spotlight for being involved in sexual assault and domestic violence cases. However, while many athletes are in the news regarding these actions and/or arrests, very infrequently are these athletes convicted for their crimes. In contrast, in domestic violence and sexual assault cases involving non-athletes, arrest and conviction rates were found to differ significantly from those arrest and conviction rates of athletes, both collegiate and professional.

An Argumentative Perspective on the Symbiotic Relationship Between the Fields of Criminal Justice and Psychology

Kirsten Black & Christian French, Indiana University Southeast

This work is a collaboration between the fields of Criminal Justice and Psychology, providing an argumentative perspective on their intrinsic relationship. The project is an attempt to further understand human behavior and the disparities between the functional and abnormal psyche as it relates to criminal thinking and behavior.