Why Surrealism: Contemporary Lessons from René Magritte

The decision to research Surrealism was one that came from curiosity. I wanted to know what inspired a movement that came to be associated with melting clocks and the adjective surreal. In the process of undertaking the research, I explored the views of René Magritte to understand some of the complexities of the movement and identify what lessons Magritte intended to teach his audience. I also pulled from the philosophy of Foucault to add a more contemporary context to Magritte’s work. I further examined contemporary media to incorporate television shows that have clearly defined influences from Surrealism to serve as reference points for the remnants of the movement. What I came to understand is that Surrealism is much more than people credit it as being and I wish to share that research. In its totality, I view this research as an explanation for what Surrealism was meant to be and what it became nearly a century after its inception.