Meat Me Halfway: An Investigation of the Implications of the Unethical Manufacturing of Animal Products

The rapidly increasing level of industrialization associated with the production of our food has created significant health-related and environmental risks. The standards in place to regulate the practices by which meat and dairy products are manufactured in the United States are wildly inadequate. Therefore, an important step in recognizing the harmful nature of many common practices is to accept the ethical dilemma caused by the brutal treatment of the animals that become our food. Despite the difficulty of doing so, it is crucial that we hold not only ourselves, but also the industry itself accountable for the unsafe habits and practices surrounding food production that have become commonplace within our culture. Failure to do so could potentially be fatal. An investigation on how the monopolization of the meat and dairy industry has placed our entire country at risk for epidemiological and ecological crises will vastly help us to identify the dangerous methods within the food industry that, without rectification, could lead to disaster.