Fast Fashion, Rapid Rubbish

Textile waste is a big issue in the United States that we must resolve. America needs to change the way we see clothing and the way we consume it. We are destroying our environment with textile waste created greatly by fast fashion. With all of these cheaply made pieces going in and out of season so quickly, people are buying more and more. Consequently, people do not know what to do those extra clothes. They’re throwing them away, which is not good for the environment, even if it is made of natural materials. They’re also donating them but at such a fast rate, donation centers do not know what to do with it all. With this poster, I would like to tell everyone, especially those who are purchasing these clothes regularly, that this is not the best option. I would like to inform them of the waste fast fashion creates and what they can do to change this. I believe that we as a society should put more emphasis on continuing to wear old clothes and shopping at thrift stores. I would like businesses to offer and educate consumers on the waste they create and get involved in recycling their own brands clothing.