Eating The Land

I will address the relationship Hispanic/Latina women have with food specific to their country/culture and how, if at all, it impacts their health. I will also look at the socioeconomic  and their willingness/ability to adapt those recipes to a healthier version all the while maintaining their emotional connection. I will also look at the role of language, and culture in preparing food. The goal is to enable and empower people to make healthy lifestyle changes while maintaining important cultural and sentimental values.

My methods of research and application will include but are not limited to researching available resources and ease of access to native foods that are familiar as well as healthy. I will interview several women and read/research native cookbooks and other books related to this topic. I will also learn to prepare their favorite recipes and then recreate a healthier version.

Though my findings are yet to be determined I believe what this research will show is that our connection to food is emotional and splanchnic and not easily changed, even in the face of health concerns. However, I believe that positive changes can be affected and make it easier to find one’s way when faced with a crossroad.

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