The Sixth Extinction

Species extinction is happening so quickly that many species will be wiped from this Earth before we even get the chance to discover them. Biodiversity experts estimate that we are losing 150-200 plant and animal species every day. This is enough extinction to wipe out all life on this planet in as little as 1,000 years. My main objective for this project is to increase awareness about this frightening reality, but also to show others that it is preventable. My research focus will be on the population decline of Asian elephants, giant pandas, and northern white rhinoceros, all of which are endangered almost exclusively because of purposeful and preventable human action. I will collect this information through secondary data analysis- analyzing professional research studies and synthesizing them into a larger overview of species extinction. My artwork will utilize this information to create 2 contrasting scenes: a grassland setting 100 years ago filled with thriving animals, and what that same environment would look like today. The second scene will take into consideration the habitat destruction and poaching that has occurred since. The artwork will show people the effects of their actions on the environment, and hopefully encourage them to take action.

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