The Medias’ Influence on Societies Tastes & Preferences

The purpose of this research was to evaluate how the media influences tastes and preferences and they impact our purchasing decisions. If people are exposed to some form of media over a period of time, then any advertisements they see during that time frame should, at some point, influence them to make a purchase. For researching and gathering data on this topic I used a questionnaire survey, focusing on what forms of media the students use most and how they impacted their purchasing decisions. The survey was given online and 20 Columbus State students of various socioeconomic backgrounds responded to the survey. The results of this survey did not support the hypothesis that the media impacts our purchasing decisions, it indicated that most of the students purchasing decisions were unaffected by the media. However, one of the major limitations of this study was the number of participants, but on a larger scale could prove to be very useful to advertising agencies.