Securing the Blessings of Liberty

Throughout its history, America has always faced questions concerning the proper role of government in our economy. Should it increase spending and taxes to benefit the common good, or back down and let the market loose?

As we address these questions, it is imperative that we seek solutions that actually work to improve everyone’s standard of living. Sometimes, even well-intended voters unknowingly endorse policies that actually stifle our economy, if they are misinformed on how it operates or on how the populace’s needs are met in other prospering nations. We can learn from thriving countries like Sweden, social disasters of the world such as Venezuela, or even our own nation’s past. With millions of Americans struggling financially, what can we do as a nation to further the financial success of everyday citizens of all demographics, to relieve millions from poverty, and provide accessible health care and education for all?

In this presentation, I will explore how we can achieve these goals by encouraging voters to promote a market where everyone has equal opportunity, anyone can reap the full value of their labor, private property is protected, exchanges benefit all parties involved, and where national wealth is created and increased.