How Social Media Influencers are Driving the Modern Fashion World

This presentation highlights and analyses the dramatic shift and growth of the fashion industry’s use of social media for marketing. The long established use of magazines as the predominant marketing for fashion and products ┬áis no longer the central way to exhibit the latest collection or trends. Social media is now the powerful, prevailing technique. Media has a certain grip over its’s users and the fashion industry capitalizes that. Social media sites reach far more consumers than any ad campaign or magazine ever could. It may seem like your favorite media influencer is posting a product or a new handbag because she genuinely likes it, but in reality it all boils down to a lucrative business. Influencers have rates for paid posts or promotions and most are unaware of what exactly occurs behind that selfie promoting new earrings. This presentation will show the correlation between a brand’s social media presence and rise in sales, the business behind the promoted posts, and the toll that has on teen and young adult users of social media and the fashion world.

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