Catching Up With The Future: The Honors Guide to New Technology

We will always be a step behind technology. Just as many things in life, technological advancements tend to have a cyclical nature; new technology is introduced, it modifies the world in various ways, and society adapts accordingly. However, by the time industries begin to use such technology to its fullest potential and efficiency, newer and stronger electronics are developed. Thus, the cycle repeats.

In order to avoid this period of stagnant progress, it is crucial that we begin to integrate not only present, but future technology as well, into our academic world; to disrupt the cycle and urge the creative preparation for the future.

As individuals distinguished among society for their ambition to excel in their respective fields, honors students form the model group with which the seed of this initiative can flourish.

My work demonstrates examples of anticipated technological advancements – such as Quantum computing, Nanotechnology, Artificial Neural systems, etc. – and the endless potential beheld by these creations. It will encompass how students can learn to effectively integrate this future technology into their various fields of study. In addition, I will inspect methods of incorporating this concept into honors program curriculums, therefore, enabling students to advance their work’s quality and stand out among their peers.