Turn to Page 210: A Poetry Chapbook

Over the duration of a year, I had the opportunity to create a chapbook composed of conversational style poetry which details and ongoing tumultuous relationship between a narrator, who is a young woman in college, and her mother. Throughout the book, “Turn to Page 210”, there are hints that the mother has a mental illness as well as an addiction, which have, in turn, resulted in the narrator suffering from depression. There is a total of seventeen poems that highlight emotions connected to memories of childhood, emphasizing certain moments of triumph and despair.

The work created is easily relatable to a reader because life is not easy and relationships in general are hard work. Behind the seventeen poems lies a story of a mother-daughter relationship and the narrator’s hopes for mending what has been broken. The project was inspired by personal experience, and a large part of the process relied heavily on the ability to self-reflect on past relationships. I was able to learn a lot about my own character through the preliminary research regarding mental illness and the necessity of creative outlets, as well as the overall writing experience.