The Personal Diary and Oral Storytelling as Means of Re-Assimilation after Studying Abroad

Returning from study abroad back into the culture of American home schools can be a daunting process for students. They face multiple difficulties, such as reverse culture shock, newfound personal confidence and reflection, as well as new linguistic and cultural skills. This poster presentation focuses on the process of working with a diary created in Spanish during the study abroad process to then develop an oral storytelling presentation for a native American audience as a means of re-assimilating back into American society after a study abroad experience and sharing those study abroad experiences with one’s home culture. The diary was translated from Spanish to English to make it more accessible to an American cultural audience. In addition, this poster presentation highlights common difficulties that students face after their return from intensive study abroad experiences, such as reverse culture shock and the challenges of fitting a second language back into their home culture. This poster aims to spread awareness in the honors community about the difficulties of managing newfound cultural and linguistic awareness to better equip honors students and communities in addressing and overcoming those difficulties more easily.