Stop. Look. And Listen.

For my Senior Honors Thesis at Ball State University, I am collaborating with Groundwork Indy. Groundwork Indy is a social and environmental justice non-profit organization located in the Riverside neighborhood of Indianapolis. The purpose of this thesis is to create an achievable marketing plan and utilize my resources to accomplish Groundwork Indy’s goals. It is important to discuss my topic with colleagues, professors, and community members because social, economic, and political issues facing marginalized groups are often connected to the physical environment.

Groundwork Indy Objects

  • To decrease the youth unemployment crisis in the area, specifically for out-of-school youth ages 16-24.
  • To improve the community that has been marginalized for decades by chronic disinvestment and institutional and structural racism. The environment reflects these issues.

Products/Services of Groundwork Indy

  • Provides youth with meaningful employment that engages them in community-based projects.
  • Executes environmental improvements favored by the community.
  • Supports the effort to increase food access and food security in the food desert.


  • Evaluate internal & external environment
  • Listen
  • Do not assume (ask questions)
  • Use your five senses
  • “Ask different questions to receive different solutions”
  • Collaborate & be creative