Opioid Abuse and its Effects on Mental Health

Opioid abuse is one the fastest growing epidemics in American history. One of the large factors that nearly always goes hand in hand with opioid addiction is mental health. Both issues often go under the radar of the public eye due to stigmatization and the connotated messages that are held with addiction and mental illnesses. They’re considered taboo to talk about with family and friends when in reality, these topics are some of the most important to discuss because they can affect anyone, at any age, of any race, and of any economic status. Ignoring and denying the underlying driver of drug consumption does nothing but worsen the issue. The objective of this study is to uncover the vicious cycle that is drug use and poor mental health. Different treatment methods exist to help dismantle opioid addiction. We will analyze how mental health plays a part in establishing an addiction, as well as how the criminalization and dehumanization of opioid users can have poor effects on their mental stability.