Crossroads & Collaboration: Honors Student Research in Rome

Encouraging study abroad is a priority of Indiana State University and our honors college. Promoting student participation in learning-abroad experiences which are simultaneously thought-provoking, exciting, and transformative is a shared goal of many MEHA member universities. A challenge is how to best prepare honors students, academically and individually, to both enjoy and benefit from study abroad. This session outlines one approach to meeting these honors student-centered challenges. We begin with an overview from the faculty trip leader and teacher of the spring honors course about course and trip design, the philosophy behind having students create individual research projects in a preparatory class to carry forward into field research, organization of pre-trip meetings to ensure students were ready for study abroad, and methods employed to encourage students from diverse majors to come together as collaborative colleagues while conducting field research on tour. The main portion of our session features illustrated presentations from three students who completed the honors course and participated in the trip. These student presentations will elucidate their course work, collaborative field research, and enhanced research. Summary concluding statements from presenters will highlight the results of our shared learning experience and recommendations for adaption of our approach.