Beyond the Honors Classroom: Implementing Music, History, Holocaust Studies, and Performing Arts into the Honors Colloquium


This session discusses the practices I use to create a successful and engaging colloquium at the Honors College of Ball State University. “Forbidden Sounds, The Music of the Holocaust”  is offered annually at Ball State University Honors College. The Course examines different aspects of music relating to the historical era of the Holocaust. This course aims to involve students who are mainly non-music majors in a class that discusses music history in the context of Holocaust studies, and – by the end of the semester students are expected to immerse in a production of a meaningful artistic expression–a student-led public performance that includes the musical works composed during the Second World War. This session shares how instructors can effectively communicate music to honor students who are non-music majors. The poster also describes strategies to show how the Holocaust can be taught from a musical perspective. Finally, the session suggests ways in which both music majors and non-music majors in Honors could benefit from producing and participating in a public performance that engages the students in production, performance, teamwork, and public speaking.