Western Feminism for the Migrant Domestic Worker

The physical, emotional, and financial abuse of migrant domestic workers is an undeniable problem in the United States. These women leave their home countries in order to find better opportunities for themselves and their children, but they find themselves faced with coercive and abusive employers that only increase their hardship. Unfortunately, because of the lack of resources and legal recourse, it is difficult to report and prosecute these cases. Furthermore, feminist groups who claim to fight for intersectionality and the rights of all women often overlook this vulnerable population. When compared to intimate partner violence in American relationships, which is a popular feminist issue, it is impossible to ignore the parallels between these cases and those of migrant workers. Feminists possess the political power and resources as white middle-class women to drastically improve the lives of these abused women and have already shown that they are capable of changing how society talks about and punishes domestic violence. Because migrant domestic works are in desperate need of empowerment and access to resources that could improve their circumstances, feminists should concern themselves with the rights and safety of migrant domestic workers.