Claudette Colvin: The Invisibility of Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement

“Claudette Colvin: The Invisibility of Black Women in the Civil Rights Movement” is a project produced by Hannah Flint and Jocelyn Hall that focuses on Claudette Colvin and why she was not chosen to be a face of the Civil Rights Movement. This project not only takes a look at discrimination based on race but also gender discrimination through the analysis of interviews, scholarly articles, and books on Colvin and the movement itself. The Civil Rights Movement claimed to want to promote all African American rights, but our research proved that Colvin was held back from being the voice of the people because of her age, “feistiness,” the fact that she was a teenage mom, and the darkness of her skin. Our research underscored how one cannot ignore the multitude of other women who were overlooked during this time and since. This project brings light to an important topic that pertains to this day: Not only did the Civil Rights Movement lead to the development of the feminist movement, it shed light on discriminations that are still present. Similarly, one can see parallels between Colvin and other black rights advocates to those who choose to take a stand today.