Stay Woke: The Journey to Afronomics

Stay Woke: The Journey to AFronomics was a piece that I wrote for an honors project for my Intro to African American Studies class. In that class, I was inspired by the work of W.E.B.  Du Bois, and more precisely his book, “The Souls of Black Folk.” In this book, Du Bois addressed the concept of the double consciousness of which I addressed in my poem. The objective of this poem is to inspire more social justice advocates to address the issues affecting not only African Americans but society as a whole. As college students it is very important that we not only discuss the issues affecting us but, to also stand up and address those issues. This poem has given me a wider platform as I fight as an advocate of Social Justice. So far I have presented this poem in Atlanta Georgia, at the National Impact Conference, this past December and at Ferris State University, for the MLK student tribute. Hopefully, this poem can inspire other college students to become Social Justice advocates across the nation.